Terms & Conditions

Dear valued customer,

Although we here at Pup Culture do our best to ensure the safety of your dog while in daycare, the assessments we do prior to participation do not 100% guarantee that your pet will work out. Dogs can be unpredictable at the best of times, even under close supervision. I understand that although all dogs are fully supervised that incidents and injuries may occur from playing with the other dogs, which include but not limited to bites, scrapes, scratches, and sprains. And if a confrontation does occur, whether it involves another dog or person, the dog’s OWNER, and NOT Pup Culture, will be liable for any damages or costs his/her pet inflicted. Consequently, the dog may no longer be allowed back to Pup Culture. Moreover, I release Pup Culture Dayare and Grooming, its staff, owners, representatives, and agents from any and all liability which I or my dog may suffer including but not limited to injury, sickness, damage or death resulting from participation in daycare and/or grooming.