Our Mission

The mission of Pup Culture Dog Daycare is to provide you with a safe place for your precious canine to socialize and exercise while you go about your busy day. We strive to build lasting relationships with our dogs and dog owners, and work hard to create a positive, fun environment. Our information is from our own life experiences and trials. From the moment your dog is introduced to the pack to the day they leave we provide consistency, training, boundaries and socially acceptable behaviours to guarantee a safe, loving and caring environment. Dealing with health and dietary concerns, providing information on up to date nutritional choices to prolong your furry family members life.

With 3000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play space; We believe in positive reinforcement and practice basic training (socialization and manners) while your dog is in our care. We are sensitive to the special needs of each dog and do our best to meet those needs.  We take pride in our 100% safety recorded, and do not muzzle dogs nor take any dogs that show signs of aggression. We have no breed restrictions at daycare all dogs are welcome to the pack as long as they pass the social assessment. Family provide support just like a pack. We are here for all our clients good or bad. We never let the pack down.

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